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 T​he Spe​ech H​ou​se, LLC

 Laying the Foundation​ for Communication

The Speech House provides ST and OT therapies in our outpatient clinics, in patients’ homes, in childcare centers, and via teletherapy. 

We are authorized MO First Steps early intervention providers.


Discover the Wonders of Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy services are provided to help children with speech and language disorders or delays. Some children may only need pediatric speech-language services in order to target articulation skills or language skills necessary for reading, writing and being successful in school.

Some children may need speech-language services in order to help in the beginning stages of communication; using their voice, using gestures, using eye gaze and facial expressions in order to begin to communicate needs, wants, thoughts and ideas. Some children may need to use signs, pictures or Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices to communicate, such as an application on an iPad.

Other children may need help expressing their ideas in an organized manner so they can expand on their ideas during play with family or with friends. We meet the needs of the child and family at their current level help them expand on their strengths while supporting and working through areas of weakness.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) services are provided to help children who have difficulties in the areas of sensory processing, motor planning, visual-motor skills, and motor coordination. Our OT sessions target improving a child's ability to participate in play, learning, and self-help skills.

We use sensory motor play in order to help build a child's self-confidence. We want children to confidently explore their environment, whether that's a toddler exploring toys, a child exploring a fun park or playground or a child confidently sitting in school cutting and coloring. Pediatric occupational therapists work on helping people in their occupations and the "occupation" of a child after-all is play, school, and self-help skills!

Feeding Therapy

Feeding programs are offered to individuals and small groups to help address children with problematic feeding behaviors. A whole child approach is used to assess organ systems, muscles, development, sensory, oral-motor, learning/behavior, cognition, nutrition and environment.

This focuses on increasing a child's comfort level by allowing exploration of food in a fun, playful, non-stressful way. We often work together with feeding groups so that sensory needs, fine motor needs, and oral- motor needs can be targeted at the same time when working on feeding. In our experience feeding is a complex issue and takes a whole child approach in order to be successful.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups, preschool play groups and therapeutic dyads are offered to work on a child's ability to pay attention to friends, include friend's ideas into play, work together as a team, try new skills in a more complex environment and to have fun!

We think groups should be tailored around the needs of each individual child so we often make groups from children we are already seeing who we know would be good fits with one another, playing on each other's strengths and weaknesses.

For example, we might pair together a child who has a hard time coming up with ideas but can stick with an idea for a long time and expand on given ideas with a child who has a lot of ideas but has a hard time staying with and expanding on an idea. 

Adult Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services are provided to adults with accent reduction, aphasia, cognitive disorders, dysphagia, TBI, and voice disorders. Adults may require therapy services to assist in recovery from head injuries or strokes.

Accent reduction and stuttering therapy assists adults in the quality of their communication. Voice therapy is provided to adults who need to optimize their voice. Transgender voice therapy is provided both in-person and via teletherapy. 

Cognitive-linguistic therapy is provided to allow adults to regain skills necessary for the workplace and daily activities.  Memory and problem-solving tasks are targeted to increase functional skills.

Teletherapy Services​

Teletherapy is the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of speech-language pathology and occupational therapy services at a distance by linking a certified clinician to client for assessment and intervention.

In today’s increasingly digital world, the convenience of online sessions means you don’t have to drive anywhere to receive the quality services. You are connected to a certified therapist through a high-quality, HIPAA-secure, interactive video conferencing platform.  All you need is a computer, or mobile device, a web camera, and high-speed internet connection. With COVID-19, this platform has increased value to provide therapy in the safety of your own home.

Parent Training and Coaching

Parent training and coaching are very important to us. We want parents to feel successful in their interactions with their children. Our goal is to help parents on this journey wherever they are, overcoming any obstacles that get in their way. We want to be partners with parents, providing them with our professional knowledge while honoring them as experts on their child.

Consulting Services

We also offer consultation, contract support services and collaboration to daycares, private schools, public schools and community programs. We believe in a collaborative team approach and want to help children in their natural environments.

We offer preschool and kindergarten screenings, follow-up assessment and evaluation and treatment to facilities that do not have on-site occupational and speech-language therapists.